Koen’s Birthday Dinner: Sir Anthony Van Dijck


Magical Entrance

 For Koen’s birthday dinner we visited Sir Anthony Van Dijck. I always do a bit of searching before deciding on a restaurant and I was so intrigued when I read that the chef, Marc Paesbrugghe, gave his two Michelin stars away.

Sir Anthony Van Dijck opened in 1975 and received its first star three years later. A few years followed and the restaurant received a second star. In 1992, after years of hosting his own cooking show, publishing cookbooks, and writing a weekly column for the newspaper, Paesbrugghe decided he wanted to run the restaurant his way and gave back the two stars to the Michelin guide.

So…we booked the restaurant! When Koen and I told his parents where we would be celebrating, we learned that Sir Anthony van Dijck was a favorite restaurant of Koen’s grandfather! In fact when Els met Dook’s father for the first time it was at Sir Anthony Van Dijck!

The food did not disappoint! We will definitely be back!


The birthday boy with the garden in the background



Looking through the menu



First course: Salad of Belgian endives and apple with fried scallops served with cream and caviar



Second course: Filet of Gilt-Head Royale with lentils



Third course: Pata Negra Bellota pork chop with wild mushrooms and cabbage



Fourth course: Little soup of citrus fruit with acacia honey ice cream

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