Copenhagen: Hija de Sanchez


Hija de Sanchez


Copenhagen is filled with so many great, interesting restaurants and many of the chefs got their start at Noma, consistently the top restaurant in the world over the last decade. One of the chefs is Hija de Sanchez who owns and operates 2 taquerias in Copenhagen. I read a bit about her (and saw her on Somebody Feed Phil!) and her passion to bring Mexican cuisine to Europe and was excited to try her tacos!

The restaurant is very small with a limited menu, which changes daily. With only 3 to choose from, we wanted to try all of them and took the #2 menu, which included all three plus rice and beans. I had expected to like the fried chicken the most, but was surprised to have liked the cabbage taco the most! Super delicious and such a great price point. To finish, I couldn’t resist ordering the avocado popsicle!

From their website:

Welcome to Hija de Sanchez, a contemporary taqueria in the heart of Copenhagen, where we introduce the Danish capital to Mexican cuisine. Everything is made from scratch ‘just like grandma made it’ – we import our own corn from oaxaca to make the masa and all our tortillas are freshly made. We use high quality, mostly organic local products and we even have our own homemade organic cheese (Quesillo). We believe in supporting local communities in Mexico.


Screenshot 2019-11-10 at 21.56.32

The menu



Dining outside in the cold



Yummm!! One of each taco served with rice and beans!



My delicious avocado popsicle for dessert!

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