Copenhagen: Christian Puglisi Part Three: Manfreds



Our very first time in Copenhagen, we celebrated my 29th birthday with dinner at Manfreds! It was such a delicious, impressionable meal. We realized just how delicius sourdough bread can be and tried naturally fermented wines for the first time! Koen and I left very inspired and experimented a lot once back in Antwerp with our cooking. So of course we came back this trip! The food is very reasonably priced and creative (plus local and organic), so definitely worth visiting – especially if you can’t get a table at Relæ.

From their website:

Manfreds is a restaurant closely connected to our organic farm at Svanholm – Farm of Ideas. Every day, our chefs harvest fresh vegetables from the farm and bring them to the restaurant to cook and serve them for our guests on the same day. As fresh as it can be! We believe that the our fields should inspire and instruct our menu. Therefore, you can always expect a diversified and interesting menu when dining at Manfreds – just as you would expect the same from the fields on a farm.



My dinner date ❤



Excited for dinner



First courses



Manfreds tartare of beef with cress and rye bread



Red beets, apple, and skyr



Endive salad with walnut and parmesan cheese




Poached egg in mushroom broth with enoki mushrooms



Flower sprouts, elderflower, and fresh farm cheese



Potato and cheese croquettes with two sauces: buttermilk and apple/tomato


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