Easter Weekend in Stockholm


Cherry blossoms in bloom in the Kungsträdgården, or King’s Garden


Our first Easter not only in Stockholm, but also just the two of us! We celebrated by having a lazy weekend with a lot of delicious food and enjoying the beautiful weather with walks in the city.

A pleasant surprise was when we reached Kungsträdgården, or King’s Garden, and saw that they cherry blossom trees were in full bloom. There were a ton of people enjoying the cotton candy colored flowers! I discovered too late, but every year there is a festival for the cherry blossoms put on by the Japanese Association of Stockholm. Hopefully we can make it next year!




In Sweden you have special beer for just for Easter (Påsk)! This is the Påskbrygd from Mariestads.



Club steak from AG



Yellow fat reflecting all of the grass the cow ate



Ready to slice!



Club steak with sweet potato fries and Belgian endive salad



Traditional Swedish Easter casserole: Janssons Frestelse, or Janssons Temptation. The dish is made with potatoes, onions, pickled sprats (a type of small fish), bread crumbs, and cream. We ate it with a side of sauteed spinach.



Brunch: Fluffy Japanese-style pancakes with raspberry-rhubarab jam



Egg-white omelette with sriracha mayo



One more Easter weekend walk




Another Easter beer! Påsköl from Jämtlands Bryggeri



And last dinner of the Easter Weekend – white asparagus, poached eggs, prosciutto and Hollandaise sauce

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