Easter Weekend in Stockholm


Cherry blossoms in bloom in the Kungsträdgården, or King’s Garden


Our first Easter not only in Stockholm, but also just the two of us! We celebrated by having a lazy weekend with a lot of delicious food and enjoying the beautiful weather with walks in the city.

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Cadzand, Netherlands


Arrived in Cadzand

For my birthday, I wanted to spend a quiet day with Koen in Zeeland. I know about Cadzand because of Sergio Herman. He has two 1 Michelin starred restaurants, Pure C and Air Republic, both located in Cadzand and I was curious to see the appeal!

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OTR II Amsterdam (Beyoncé and Jay-Z)


Beyoncé ❤

So exciting to see Beyoncé now a third time! First in Antwerp, Belgium, second time in Düsseldorf, Germany and now a third time with Jay-Z in Amsterdam, Netherlands for their On the Run II Tour! And for all three times I was with my sister-in-law Barbara ❤

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Animalia Amsterdam


Dam Square

Koen and I were invited to the Animalia Amsterdam photo exhibition opening in Amsterdam. For over a year, Isabella Rozendaal photographed the pets of Amsterdam and they’re now on display in the Amsterdam City Archives from July 14th to September 3rd. Isabella is the sister-in-law of my best friend Christina and I’ve loved all the photos she’s posted on Facebook and Instagram, so Koen and I were excited to see the prints in person! We also bought her book!

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Kerstmarkt 2016


Kerstmarkt entrance

Every winter I look forward to the Kerstmarkt, or Christmas Market, in Antwerp. As an American, it is still such a new, exciting experience because we don’t have anything like it – or at least not in Georgia!

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Amsterdam with Christina


Stedelijk Museum

Luckily I was able to see Christina one more time before she headed back to the States. It doesn’t matter where we are – America, the Netherlands, Belgium – nothing beats a girls’ day. This time we were in Amsterdam!

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Christina in the Netherlands: Friesland and Rotterdam

Back together!

Back together!

I’ve said it before, but I’m so happy my best friend is also married to a Dutch guy! This means that from now on she will be headed this way on a fairly regular basis to visit Rafaël’s family. The first being now to celebrate the wedding in the Netherlands with Dutch family and friends.

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White Gold aka White Asparagus

White asparagus ready to be peeled

White asparagus ready to be peeled

In Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and France, late April to late June is white asparagus season. During this period I always try to eat as much white asparagus as possible – we’ve already had them 4 times! Compared to green asparagus, the white ones are more tender and less bitter. Normally Koen and I always eat them the Dutch way, with Hollandais sauce, ham, smoked salmon and a boiled egg. This season we’ve been experimenting. A few tips from Jeroen Meus to keep in mind when preparing asparagus:

  • Poke the bottom of the asparagus with your thumbnail; if moisture comes, they’re fresh
  • Rub the asparagus together; if they make a squeaky sound, they’re fresh
  • Rather than cutting the end off, break it off with your hands; that way you don’t accidentally cut off any of the tender asparagus

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