Copenhagen: Grød



I can’t go to Copenhagen without at least one breakfast at Grød, the world’s first porridge bar on the Jægersborggade, in the Nørrebro-district of Copenhagen. I love their porridge so much, I even order it from time to time to be delivered to Belgium. Since we were about to head to Hamburg, a filling, healthy brunch at Grød was a perfect way to leave the city!


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Copenhagen: Christian Puglisi Part Three: Manfreds



Our very first time in Copenhagen, we celebrated my 29th birthday with dinner at Manfreds! It was such a delicious, impressionable meal. We realized just how delicius sourdough bread can be and tried naturally fermented wines for the first time! Koen and I left very inspired and experimented a lot once back in Antwerp with our cooking. So of course we came back this trip! The food is very reasonably priced and creative (plus local and organic), so definitely worth visiting – especially if you can’t get a table at Relæ.

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Copenhagen: Coffee Collective and Karamelleriet


Always happy with a good cup of coffee in my hands!


One of our favorite places for coffee in Copenhagen is at Coffee Collective on the Jægersborggade. Since our last visit the relocated from one end of the street to the other and are now in a much bigger location. I love how in Copenhagen all of the businesses seemed aimed toward sustainability, like using organic, local, seasonal, and fair trade products and practices. Coffee Collective is not an exception. Of course we bought a few bags of beans to take back with us to Stockholm.

From their website:

Creating the best coffee experiences in the world while helping farmers achieve more value is what drives us. We roast daily and focus on sustainability from seed to cup.

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Copenhagen: Jægersborggade, Rita’s Smørrebrød, Tivoli Gardens, Museum of Copenhagen, and Host

Eating every last crumb of my Danish!

Eating every last crumb of my Danish!

Day Six was our last full day in Copenhagen. So much pressure to make the  most of it! The night before (Day Five) we looked through all of our notes and maps to see what we hadn’t done yet and make our final selections.

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Copenhagen: Grod, National Gallery, and Torvehallerne

Starting the morning with a bowl of grød!

Starting the morning with a bowl of grød!

Day four in Copenhagen, we decided to spend some more time exploring the shops on the Jægersborggade. We were lucky that we chose to do this on a Saturday because some of the shops are only open a few days a week. The morning started again at Grød for breakfast, followed by visiting Kaktus, a store that sells – you guess it – only cacti. We couldn’t help revisiting Karamelleriet, where the caramels are made by hand and were so delicious that we ate all of ours before we even were back in Belgium. After a few caramel tastings – they let you sample the fresh made goodies – we visited Habengut, a traditional woodwork shop, by Søren Ulrich. All of the pieces are made by hand and we bought two tealight holders and a salt dish to bring back home. Our last stop was at Crate, a store specializing in beer and vinyl. We purchased a few Danish beers to try that evening.

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Copenhagen: Grod, Den Bla Planet, Christianshavn

Breakfast at Grød

Breakfast at Grød – spelt grød with blueberries, hazelnuts, and cacao nibs and oat grød with apples, almonds, and caramel sauce

Our second full day in Copenhagen began with breakfast at Grød, a café on the Jægersborggade that only sells grød – a type of Danish porridge. The grød was so delicious we had to go back for more later in the trip!

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Copenhagen – My birthday! Exploring Indre By and dinner at Manfred’s!

Birthday Breakfast

Birthday Breakfast – kanelsnurre and a double latte!

Koen and I are just back from a week long vacation in Copenhagen, Denmark. I can’t say enough how much fun we had! Exploring, eating, drinking…just relaxing.

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